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Big Dog Media, its management and employees are committed to the adoption and promotion of sustainability principles across all our business operations and are firmly dedicated to conducting our operations in a socially responsible manner ensuring we provide a safe and sustainable environment for customers, employees, society and stakeholders.
We’re committed to the principle of best practice and strive to become a leader in our field of sustainable manufacturing by fulfilling all financial, regulatory, environmental and social obligations, evaluating compliance with our policies and maintaining documentation on processes relating to essential sustainability issues.
Our sustainability policies provide a framework for management, employees and contractors to conduct operations and deliver services in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. It also outlines our objectives and recognises that our sustainability efforts is one of continuous improvement.
We rely on the commitment and energy of our employees to help us achieve our sustainability goals.
Communication enhances our ability to achieve our sustainability goals. Effective two way communication channels promotes employee contributions, developing better work practices and enhances job satisfaction. Big Dog Media nurtures employee’s engagement in sustainability programs, motivate employees to connect with sustainability policies and encourages new concepts to influence future sustainability policies.

Big Dog Media is committed to embedding CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies and practices not only for our employees but also our customers, suppliers and community.
Big Dog Media aims to provide a safe workplace, free from child forced labour with equal opportunities for employees. We provide a challenging and diverse work environment where employees are adequately trained and personal development is encouraged and supported. We employ fair and consistent recruitment processes and believe the each employee should be treated with respect by management and colleagues. We have procedures in place to protect our workforce against occupational health risks.
Big Dog Media want to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we operate in. Where possible we contribute to community projects and charities. We encourage employees and stakeholders to participate in community projects.
Big Dog Media aim to provide the best product and service using the best delivery method to our customers. We continuous strive for innovation and product development to improve our offerings to customers. We employ ethical procurement practices to ensure fair and equitable transaction are completed throughout the supply chain. Suppliers in turn play an important role in supporting our sustainability programs.
In all business activities Big Dog Media gives consideration to the environment and its natural resources. We develop products, services and production processes with careful concern for the environment.
We aim to provide the best product to our customer whilst keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum, through
Waste recycling
Using recycled packaging
Adopting energy efficient processes
Procurement of sustainable raw materials